Day Hiking The Burangrang

As an annual event, an organized climbing occasion is arranged every September or October. Unfortunately, dry season demonstrates its uppermost cruelty during these months upon a number of mounts and mountains such as Mount Agung in Bali, and also our pick for the yearly event: Mount Papandayan. Mount Papandayan alas caught continuous fires as reported in the media. Cancellation was not an option; immediate alternatives were conducted. Five of us departed to North Bandung on midnight September 14th. Our destination was Mount Burangrang, which emerges alongside the famous Mount Tangkuban Perahu. We did a one day hike (no camping) via the “Komando” route (the area is occasionally closed for the country’s Special Forces training) and I would conclude that the mount is classified as fairly easy for beginners based on the height (2.057 meters above sea level) and level of difficulty (through the mentioned route). The main attractiveness was its pine forest and view of the valley a few feet before the peak. Though in the end we decided not to choose the site for our event, Burangrang is suitable for anyone who wishes for a little adventure during the weekends. It is always nice to escape from big cities' daily routine, walk into jungle's tranquility, and breath the fresh air released by mountain trees, isn't it?

Clotheslines at one of the habitant's houses in Desa Kertawangi, Burangrang foothill.

The Komando Gate.

A local man collecting firewoods.

Morning light through the mountain trees.

A monument marks the highest peak of Burangrang.

Pine forest after a light drizzle.

Me plus raincoat.

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